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    Robot Bookmarks

    Book Botz have one mission, to save your page!

  • "Book Botz are a cute and fun way to keep your page!"

    ~ Henry & Hudson

    Founders, Book Botz

  • About Us

    Meet the Book Botz Founders

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    Henry & Hudson

    We came up with the idea for Book Botz with the help of our Dad. We think that kids will be reading more books now that they have to stay at home. We think reading is very important, and it is also important that when you are reading you can remember what page you are on. So we made Book Botz as a fun way to save the page in your book. We hope you adopt!

  • How to Adopt A Book Bot


    Pick Your Book Bot

    We have 3 different Book Botz to choose from!


    Checkout Online

    Pay the adoption fee online easily with PayPal!


    We Mail to You

    All Book Botz are mailed to you free of charge!



    Have fun reading and using your new Book Bot!

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